Rules for submission

  1. Before you submit, please make sure you have filled out an author profile.
  2. We only review books that our submitted in advance of publication (ARCs) and up to two weeks post-publication. If your book was published more than two weeks ago, please query before submitting.
  3. You must be an independent author or publisher (or representative) to submit independently published books. Self-published Amazon/CreateSpace authors are free to submit.
  4. We prefer books that have a lead time of at least 30 days prior to release. Self-published authors or independent publishers should list their titles for preorder at Amazon prior to submitting.
  5. We generally review all books within 60 days.
  6. Please do not follow up on your submission. If you don’t hear back from us, then your book was not selected by our curators to spotlight or for promotion at IndieMuse. Otherwise, someone from our company will contact you.
  7. Currently we are only accepting dark fiction releases. We define dark fiction as fiction which contains horrific elements such as fear, death and the sinister side of human nature as well as supernatural content. This can be (but is not limited to) horror, dark crime/noir, dark fantasy, dark/black humor, weird/bizarro, and dark sci-fi.
  8. We accept all new releases (available in the English language) in the categories mentioned above (including short stories) to promote and review on our site. Currently we are NOT open to multi-author anthologies or poetry.
  9. We review first edition books only. Please do not submit a reprinted title which is going back into circulation.
  10. Due to our affiliation, books must be available for sale through Amazon.