Weston-super-Nightmare by John Bowie

Bristol builders, sparkies, carpet fitters and plumbers face-off London gangsters in a Wild West showdown…

A Classic Crime Pulp-Noir… in Weston.

The Hell’s Belles was Jimi’s bar. A retirement gift to himself after a hard life’s graft and no one owned the stage but him and his Gibson SG – except ex–strippers, Tammy and Betty.

Matt, the youngest brother to three of The South Bank Cricketers, the infamous London gang, wanted to play – not gonna happen.

Jimi needed back up. He knew some gangsters of his own, and had criminal friends. But that’s not who he was going to call. He needed something tougher, more reliable… made of stone.

The IndieMuse Review

Bowie comes through with a solidly written noir story about the seriously ugly underbelly of London gang-culture. The book is amazingly balanced with just the right about amount of tongue-in-cheek humor, depth and great characters (All hail, Jimi!). Readers will have a lot of fun down there in the gritty, hardboiled darkness that Bowie creates. —kNotBTK, IndieMuse Curator


Former slush pile reader to a major horror publisher, real initials are B.T.K. but not a serial killer. Bradley has been a curator for IndieMuse since its inception.

Curation Results: Weston-super-Nightmare

Curator Notes: "Bowie comes through with a solidly written noir story about the seriously ugly underbelly of London gang-culture." —kNotBTK


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