Veronica Scissors

Veronica Scissors by Jeff Wood

A chilling urban legend in the tradition of Candyman and Bloody Mary.

Her given name was Kimiko Li-Poe, but all the kids in school called her Kimmie. The name seemed to embarrass her, and for good reason; it was a child’s name attached to an awkward and uncertain twelve-year-old girl on the cusp of puberty. Kimmie solved the problem forever one night by trying to rip her face off with the shards of a broken mirror. After that they called her Veronica Scissors.

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I’ve said this during other reviews, but the short story form is my favorite length of fiction, particularly in the horror genre. The problem with releasing this form as a standalone story in digital, is the fact rise in self-publishing platforms have allowed for the devaluation of all literature. How does an author price a short story release in the current market? Readers seem to buy in bulk, so why buy a short story for $0.99 when you can buy a novel? That’s the flawed mindset, at least. In the mass scramble for readership where new releases drown daily in the saturated abyss of today’s market (where everyone can be an author and can release a ‘book’), the original short story released directly to digital is in dire jeopardy of becoming a lost art.

But there’s a fact that most readers miss (particularly in the horror genre): a short story can be as impactful, even moreso, than an entire novel, if put into the hands of a great writer.

So when I came across Jeff Wood’s new release, Veronica Scissors, I was delighted! It was marketed to be a chilling urban legend in the tradition of Candyman and Bloody Mary. A nicely packaged short story release with attractive cover that essentially puts the emphasis on the single short storyI love this and wish more authors would do this (if you do, SEND THEM HERE FOR REVIEW as I will gladly prioritize them!), because short stories are works of art when done right. Not only that, the craft to write a good short story is far more difficult than writing a novel. So why not showcase a really good short story instead of stuffing it inside of a collection?

To put it simply: the short story form is the ultimate separator between truly great authors and average writers.

Jeff Wood is a truly great author, as showcased here with Veronica Scissors.

Since it is a short story, I won’t go into much detail, but to say that this story is deeply layered in its references. It is haunting and well-executed. You know a good story when at a certain point you connect with a character…for me, it was the point of this story where a character is staring into a darkened shop when an inside lights turns on and she sees a reflection in the window of the world around her. I won’t spoil it, but that was the point I felt a deeper meaning and connection to the story.

I don’t have any daughters, but those who do will more than likely connect on an even greater level, and find a much deeper meaning in the real horror of this short story, particularly as it pertains to pre-teen or teenage girls.

Download this story! If the $0.99 breaks your budget for buying another of the countless mediocre novel-length “bargain”-books, then also note it’s available for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Veronica Scissors is worth every second you spend reading it. In the 30-45 minutes you’ll invest, you’ll get much more out of it than most $0.99 novels. Please support the short story format!




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