Transmuted by Eve Harms

Her doctor is giving her the body of his dreams…and her nightmares.

Isa is a micro-celebrity who rarely shows her face, and can’t wait to have it expertly ripped off and rearranged to look more feminine. When a successful fundraiser makes her gender affirming surgery possible, she’s overjoyed—until she has to give up all her money to save her dying father.

Crushed by gender dysphoria and the pressure of disappointing her fans who paid for a new face, she answers a sketchy ad seeking transgender women for a free, experimental feminization treatment. The grotesquely flawless Dr. Skurm has gruesome methods, but he gets unbelievable results, and Isa is finally feeling comfortable in her skin. She even gains the courage to ask out her crush: an alluring and disfigured alchemy-obsessed artist named Rayna.

But Isa’s body won’t stop changing, and she’s going from super model to super mutant. She has to discover the secret behind her metamorphosis—before the changes are irreversible, and she’s an unwanted freak forever.

TRANSMUTED is an outrageous and unapologetically queer body horror tale that will leave you gasping, giggling, and gagging for more. Experience the freaky thrills of TRANSMUTED today!

The IndieMuse Review

Isa is on the cusp of having FFS—facial feminization surgery—after raising/saving enough when the old faithful family member comes out of the woodwork to guilt her out of it. I’m a tad miffed that said family member is a Sarah (my name!), because it is a travesty against a good name. I would never do that (especially for that reason)! Joking aside, Isa obviously is in need of all the love and support in this story, which I vowed to give her from this point on. The reader is a spectator on her shoulder throughout, her internal voice a guide when all else is silent. One thing that I respect early on about her, even when she’s feeling low she pushes on, doesn’t stop.

If something sounds too good to be true, you know the rest right? Well, she finds that out for herself, the body horror way. This read incredibly realistic, because I have been guilty of clicking on questionable ads, just to see what was going on. The tadpole looking stuff you pour in water for weight loss, I’ve looked at the ad. Guy talking about women need to lose weight to their specific metabolism, yep. Clicked on it. Isa did go a bit further, went to the Dr.’s actual office, but I completely understand.

The whole spiral of the novella starts and does not end, ever. Isa, once afraid that changes to her body weren’t happening fast enough, is now in free fall with no idea where (if) it will end. While a family emergency continues in the background. And a new love interest is thrown into the mix. And I’m not going to tell spoilers but it gets so much worse for her! And then conspiracy, occult and alchemy, death, violence!!! Isa does not deserve the sh*t she is having to deal with, full stop. Transmuted combines serious issues with the macabre, dry humor and gore-a-plenty, body horror, and a girl worth fighting for, but who fights for herself. I loved every minute of it.


Reading is my happy place and I want to share it with others; reviewing grew from basic tweets about books I enjoyed. I couldn’t be happier for how that turned out, book Twitter and the horror community have some of the nicest people. Dark fiction is where I find myself most of the time, but I enjoy almost any type of book if it catches my eye. I’m not really sure what this will turn into long term, but helping spread the word on an author’s book is the best feeling at the moment. Book nerd for life.

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