Those Whom the Grave Will Not Hold by Tom G.H. Adams

It is said there were men so evil that the Devil did not want to punish them in Hell. Instead, he gave these nains horses to ride on earth again. He released them on the living to exact their depravities at will.

It is the tenth century, and a veteran theurgist of the church is charged with capturing one such nain. However, his success is achieved at great cost and enslaves him with the responsibility of overseeing his charge indefinitely. Now, after twenty years, he grows weary and is ready to pass on the mantle. Yet to do so requires him and his scicario to confront the imprisoned creature and resist his mesmeric guiles once again.

In this first tale from the legendary Library of the Abyssal Black, Tom Adams introduces you to the Keeper of Books, and a story that will fill your veins with ice.

Caution 18+ audience

Please note this is a substantial short story, not a novel.

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