There Goes Pretty by C. C. Adams

For Denny and Olivia, life is good. In a lavish wedding, the couple have taken another step forward, with a beautiful honeymoon and bright future to look forward to. Like many relationships, theirs is one that needs love, trust and commitment—qualities that are slowly and surely tested, with insidious forces at work. And, gradually, the couple and their relationship will start to suffer, as the cracks begin to show…as does something else.

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Dark Minds Press and author C.C. Adams latest release is an intriguing short read. The story follows newlyweds Dennis and Olivia as they begin their seemingly picture-perfect life together. But sometimes outside forces can disintegrate even the best relationships.

C.C. Adams does a great job in showcasing this disintegration in only 92 pages with only one jarring break that seemed rushed into a small void in the plot. Otherwise, we, as readers, watch the steady unfortunate decline of Olivia as she is haunted and isolated by supernatural forces, a haunting that proves to stress the newlyweds’ relationship until the brink of collapse.

Adams conveys all this while keeping the reader in suspense throughout, as the mystery unravels nicely in the end with one last plot twist to satisfy.

The parallel nature of this story uses the supernatural to play an opposing part in how love and relationships are complex and vulnerable to outside influences.

True love can be scary. C.C. Adams takes that scary up a notch!


Shane Staley’s career in professional publishing spans more than 20 years. He is the founder of Delirium Books. In 2005 he won the Bram Stoker Award for excellence in specialty press publishing. He has published more than 300 titles through various imprints of Staley & Associates. He is also a Bram Stoker-nominated author and professional web developer. 

Throughout his career, his creative drive to support and promote the independent author and artist has resulted in the establishment of a prolific career in the arts and entertainment world. His creative output includes web development projects, book design and layout, editing and publishing. He is also an independent freelance publishing partner to several authors and publishers. 

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