Three Women, One Battle

A world gone mad. Cities abandoned. Dreams invade waking minds. An invisible threat lures those who oppose its otherworldly violence to become acolytes of a nameless cult. As a teenage girl struggles for autonomy, a female weapons director in a secret research facility develops a living neuro-cognitive device that explodes into self-awareness. Discovering their hidden emotional bonds, all three unveil a common enemy through dissonant realities that intertwine in a cosmic battle across hallucinatory dreamscapes.

Time is the winning predator, and every moment spirals deeper into the heart of the beast.

The IndieMuse Review

I rated this novella 5 stars, 5 orbiting moons, 5 comets traversing through endless space; I don’t know if there are enough ways to say I adore this novella that is also celestial body related, but I tried my best.

Inside these pages I felt a vastness (Carcosa) expanding before me, tugging at my sense of security (sanity), calling, the void (my Yellow Queen) ever calling; I needed only take a single step for my devotion to be secured.

The language used in this novella is transcendent, they invite one’s eyes to witness horror that is a madness and violence ever changing, evolving; frantic movement and iridescence such as a decaying fox among the flower beds, moist heat and shifting landscape.

This is everything I ever wanted, but in no way could have imagined possible for a story that touched on Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow mythos. They made it a truly unique and changing read, I know that it’s one that will reveal new things for many reads; it’s a rich tapestry bordered in tattered yellow. Simply put, I loved The Wingspan of Severed Hands and hope that its reach will be far and wide.


Reading is my happy place and I want to share it with others; reviewing grew from basic tweets about books I enjoyed. I couldn’t be happier for how that turned out, book Twitter and the horror community have some of the nicest people. Dark fiction is where I find myself most of the time, but I enjoy almost any type of book if it catches my eye. I’m not really sure what this will turn into long term, but helping spread the word on an author’s book is the best feeling at the moment. Book nerd for life.

2 reviews for THE WINGSPAN OF SEVERED HANDS by Joanna Koch

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  1. Kyla Watwood  

    Excellent story! Full of surprises and moves right along.

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  2. Jen Vanarsdale  

    This was a really entertaining book, I’d highly recommend it. The characters were believable, the plot was interesting.

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