The Wages of Crime

The Wages of Crime by Pete Mesling

Meet …
—Lieutenant Caldera, the homicide detective who inhabits six of these stories and has more enemies than friends.
—a documentary film crew that stumbles onto a myth-shattering letter from Vincent Van Gogh.
—a wealthy Seattle man who frames his own twin for murder.

Encounter …
—a foundling wheel in the heart of 1930s London that is also a wheel of secrets and lies.
—a sheriff in the Old West who uses the law as a shield against the discovery of his trail of abuse.
—a woman who exacts revenge against a friend’s captor but may have misjudged the situation.
—a lawyer who uncovers an assassination plot in Seattle, with its origin, and resolution, in Berlin.

Witness …
—a hot-air balloon that goes up with three passengers but comes down with only two.
—a corporate climber who acquires an office with a terrific view, and a terrifying drop.
—a man abducted into a paranoid nightmare that turns out to be neither paranoid nor a nightmare.

Discover, in other words, the wages of crime, but with this for a warning: the deeper you descend into some pits, the harder it is to climb back out again—if it can ever be the same you who emerges.

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