The Raven King

The Raven King by Liz Tuckwell

Why have the ravens at the Tower of London flown away?

Although the Great Unveiling happened three years ago, the Metropolitan Police Force has only just formed the Supernatural Crimes Squad. And Lis Liszt is its first Detective Inspector. Now, she has her first case.

It’s prophesied that if the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall.

The last remaining raven croaks at her, “The Raven King is rising.”

But who is the Raven King?

The Assistant Ravenmaster is also missing.

Who is behind this and why?

Frederick Llewelyn-Jones, a dubious wizard, may hold the key―if D.I. Liszt and D.C. Sharma can survive long enough to solve the crime.

An urban fantasy blending mystery and magic…

(with a cover by Adrian Baldwin)

The IndieMuse Review

Demain Publishing is branching out, and silly old me didn’t even wonder why they called this the WWW (Weird! Wonderful! Other Worlds) series.

Turns out, this is not horror but fantasy / sci-fi. In all honesty, it is not genres I usually read, so it is a little difficult to draw comparisons to other stories like this.

That said, I am a story fan, so I will measure it on the strength of the story.

Liz Tuckwell gives us a slightly altered London. The Great Unveiling happened three years ago, but the Metropolitan Police Force just formed the Supernatural Crimes Squad, with Lis Liszt as the first Detective Inspector.

Her first case involves the disappearance of the ravens from the Tower.

Okay, let’s stop there. I actually had to look this up because I had no idea if this was truth or just part of the story—I thought it was fiction with a title like The Ravenmaster and Yeoman Warder. Well, slap me with a wet fish and call me Jemima—there is an urban legend which says:

“If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom of Britain will fall…

While I don’t regret reading this story, it felt a little too condensed – 20 odd pages was not enough to do this story justice. I do think it would have made a better novella.

Going to call this one down the middle-ish.


Mort Stone lives in untamed Africa, where he rides his lion to work every morning to slave away as a scientist who learned how to fake competency.

Reading is his passion…well, the one he can admit to, anyway. As an aggressive pacifist, he chooses to fight vicariously through stories which can bring him no physical harm.

While he is almost confidant that his IQ is in the top 50%, his wife regularly reminds him of all the stupid things he does. He will neither admit nor deny the accusations of sarcasm, but he can act like he cares. Most of the time.

As an avid reader of horror and thrillers, and somewhat of a movie buff in those genres, he still blames his insomnia on Global Warming. Because he can.

He would also like to apologize in advance for any swear words which might slip through…he will blame that on the insomnia.


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