THE OTHER SIDE Edited by Daniel Willcocks (A Horror Anthology)

Death is only the beginning…There was only so long that the crypt could hide the secrets. Only so long the living could wait to pry open the coffin’s lid and discover the truth. For millennia, humans have pondered the endless abyss, made their own determinations, sobbed at the tombstones of lovers and prayed for a restful thereafter.

Now, for the first time, “The Other Side” is revealed in all its decrepit glory. In this dark fiction and horror anthology, eleven horror authors explore the infinite possibilities that lay beyond the living. Featuring ghosts, graves, celestial voyages, forgetful realms, and forests of the dead, “The Other Side” will have you questioning all that you think you know about what lies beyond the curtain.

This bone-chilling collection features:

  1. “Dirt” by Tom Garback
  2. “Marvin’s Tavern” by Heinrich von Wolfcastle
  3. “Corpse Forest” by Julie Hiner
  4. “Wheels within Wheels” by Daniel R. Robichaud
  5. “Piece by Piece” by Daniel Willcocks
  6. “Secret Places” by Harvey Click
  7. “Sheol” by Paul Stansfield
  8. “The Cold Dark Forever” by C.W. Blackwell
  9. “The Fork in the Road” by J. Thorn
  10. “The Bus” by M.B. Vujačić
  11. “Click for Ascension” by Thomas Kodnar

The IndieMuse Review

What happens after death is one of the great mysteries plaguing the minds of human beings.

Some think that beyond the grave there is just nothing, that death is the end of everything

Religious people consider death just a passage towards another, eternal life (of suffering in hell or of bliss in heaven) awaiting all of us after our fleeting staying on earth.

The topic is certainly important and, admittedly, scary, therefore a horror anthology devoted to this  particular question was in order.

Editor Daniel Willcocks has assembled eleven original stories addressing the issue, and, in addition, has contributed himself to the volume with an extraordinary tale. His “Piece by Piece” is a mesmerizing story exploring the experience of death and afterlife in a dreamlike, hypnotic atmosphere.

Among my favorite tales in the book are “The Bus” by MB Vujacic, a nightmarish, superb piece taking place in an eerie bus bound to hell, the passengers of which are different samples of the human race and “Marvin’s Tavern” by Heinrich Von Wolfcasle, a quite enjoyable example of quiet horror set in a tavern, where past and present keep shifting.

In the disquieting “Secret Places” by Harvey Click, a failed marriage, murder, suicide and drug dependence all lead to an afterlife where a family will be finally reunited.

“Wheels Within Wheels”  by Daniel R Robichaud is a phantasmagoric horror sequence following a car accident, revealing to a recently dead man the secrets hidden behind reality.

Other contributors are Tom Garback, Julie Hiner, Paul Stansfield, CW Blackwell, J Thorn and Thomas Kodnar.

All in all a solid, enjoyable horror book, graced by some real gems, and also a precious opportunity to get acquainted with some excellent, although slightly less known authors, who offer a great alternative to the “usual suspects” found in most of the current anthologies.


Mario Guslandi was born in Milan (Italy), where he currently lives. A long time fan of dark fiction, he’s probably the only Italian who reviews horror and supernatural tales in English. Over the years his reviews have appeared in many genre sites such as Horrorworld, The British Fantasy Society, Hellnotes, The Agony Column, Thirteen o’ Clock, Emerald City, SF Revu etc.


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