The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out: Tale III from the Abyssal Black by Tom G.H. Adams

Someone once said, ‘Harsh reality is better than false hope,’ and life in the frontier fiefdom of Merefast is anything but forgiving. Damek knows this, and reckons that if he lives to the age of thirty sols he will be lucky.

So, when he is charged with finding his brother, lost for three months on the edges of the Bone Desert, he spares barely a thought for his own safety.

But there are some things worse than death, and his brother’s trail leads to the mansion of Sarcomorr—a house offering up a reality of loathing and suffering far beyond Damek’s worst imaginings.

Of course, we are all given a choice, but will Damek choose the path of nobility or wretchedness?

In this, the third book of the series, our seeker listens to Damek’s tale with a sense of reverence and responsibility. For he must decide if the tale is worthy enough to admit this soul to the Abyssal Black. Take a journey with Tom G.H. Adams and experience another plunge into the realm of disquiet.

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