TAVISTOCK GALLERIA: Short Horror Stories From America’s Retail Wasteland

Civilization is in decay. And something is stirring to take its place.

Walking the abandoned halls of the Tavistock Galleria, it’s almost impossible to recognize that it was once the most luxurious retail center for hundreds of miles. Marble floors have been cracked and smeared, and long-dry fountains stand as though monuments for the dead.

Yet there’s still life inside these broken walls. Locals tell of the rituals that happen at night, or speak of what’s hidden inside the gearbox of the old carousel. Of the creature that lurks in the store room behind Hot Topic, and how the canned echo of music still plays though the power has long since been cut.

The doors were once locked at night to keep people out, but now they’re locked to keep something in.

Fully illustrated TAVISTOCK GALLERIA is a collection of short horror stories by multiple authors, all interrelated around the mysterious incidents at the haunted mall. Every story is accompanied by an original, full page artwork to bring the stories to life for your holiday horror enjoyment.

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  1. Ramiro Machin  

    I love strong characters and the storyline was exciting and intriguing. I loved it and love this author.

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  2. Maribeth Hehn  

    This was a really entertaining book, I’d highly recommend it. The characters were believable, the plot was interesting.

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