Savages For Revenge

Savages For Revenge by Alex Marroquin

A failing artist accepts the invitation of his mysterious college sweetheart to meet her in Buenos Aires. She doesn’t explain why However, instead of rekindling his muse or a long-lost relationship, he is forced to kill and cannibalize across Argentina under the tutelage of an armed vagabond on a mad crusade to save the untouched wilderness of his homeland. With each kill the artist completes, a hidden memory and a hidden desire emerges.

The IndieMuse Review

Savages For Revenge is a dark and wild ride, unlike anything you have ever read before. Featuring a protagonist barely clinging to sanity, and chronicling his descent into madness, violence and murder, its subject matter is bold, but does the execution live up to its promise?

Derrick’s life as an artist isn’t working out the way he planned and when an invitation from a childhood sweetheart to visit her in Argentina comes out of the blue, it feels like a calling he has been waiting for his entire adult life.

The reunion does not go as planned, as Derrick finds himself embroiled in a nihilistic murder spree, coerced by the enigmatic Cesar. As things escalate and the body count rises, Derrick may just find his true calling after all.

Read as a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style romp that forgoes traditional concepts of narrative or character development for bold visuals and surreal set-pieces, Savages For Revenge works moderately well. There is certainly a lot to like if you go in with the right frame of mind. I loved the setup of following Derrick, who begins as a suicidal struggling artist and soon lets go of societally-mandated inhibitions and embarks on a truly epic killing spree of absolute unhinged debauchery. There is a great concept there and scope for an insight into a broken mind and what happens when they are given absolute free reign to indulge in whatever sick practices they want without consequence. Extreme horror fans would no doubt find a lot to enjoy here as the sex and violence is as nonstop as it is over the top.

The problem, for me at least, comes when any expectation or desire for coherence comes into play. It may well be an artistic choice made to reflect the lead characters damaged psyche, but very little of the events of the book make all that much sense and, perhaps worse, have no consequence to how things progress. One example of many is a character who is described as having her fingers and toes removed in one chapter, but is noted as having full use of both in the next. Perhaps it’s just me but if the intention of the book was to be a series of grizzly vignettes (and that would have been fine with me) then perhaps forgoing any pretence of plot or story development may have made for a more palatable reading experience.

The overall feeling of oddness is enhanced by some truly bizarre turns of phrases. Marroquin comes across as a capable writer, but the way things are phrased often feel jarring and coupled with numerous instances of typos and missing words makes for a disjointed reading experience.

I wanted to like Savages For Revenge more than I ultimately did. I thought the premise had incredible promise, and I’m a sucker for an unlikeable protagonist, but in the end, I was left disappointed that the book felt like style over substance.


Richard started reading horror books at a young age, starting with R L Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Point Horror’ series. He traumatised himself at the age of twelve when he read Stephen King’s ‘IT’, and never looked back. He is currently based in the UK, where he lives with his partner, and an inappropriate amount of books.


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