Not All Monsters

Not All Monsters: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women of Horror

STORIES BY: Joanna Roye, G.G. Silverman, Stacey Bell, Amy Easton, K.P. Kulski, S.M. Ketcham, E.E. Florence, Briana McGuckin, Annie Neugebauer, Kayleigh Barber, Sam Fleming, Hailey Piper, J.H. Moncrieff, Jessica McHugh, Jennifer Loring, Joanna Koch, Angela Sylvaine, J.C. Raye, Christa Carmen, Juliana Spink Mills, Leslie Wibberley

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It’s no secret that nowadays a good number of new writers in the horror genre is constituted by women, hence a whole short story anthology by female authors is a nice change but not really a big surprise. For this huge volume, editor Sara Tantlinger has assembled twenty-one stories penned by as many ladies whose purpose was to scare or, at least, deeply disquiet the readers.

Have they succeeded ? Absolutely, in some cases, not quite in other instances. But this is normal with every anthology. So let me focus on the stories which, in my opinion, did hit the target.

“Portrait of a Girl in Red and Yellow” by Joanna Roye is a disturbing tale describing a peculiar family affected by a mysterious, repulsive skin disorder which makes its members not quite human, while “Leather” by SM Ketcham is a well-crafted, nasty piece featuring a man trying to seduce a waitress with unforeseen, tragic results.

In the vivid “Inked” by EE Florence, a special tattoo reveals its real nature to the unlucky woman who got it on her skin and in the engrossing “Antifreeze and Sweet Peas” by Angela Sylvaine—graced by a bitter twist in the tale—a vendicative pastry chef is devoted to punish unsuspectable murderers.

“A Certain Age” by Jennifer Loring is the short, sharp portrait of a dangerous female with a secret dual nature, while “This Can Happen to You” by Jessica McHugh is an offbeat fast-paced story depicting the misadventures of a mother trying to make her baby smile and to keep her mother-in-law under control.

To me the real gem of the anthology is the outstanding “The Miraculous Ones” by GG Silverman, describing the different destinies of two twins, at first physically connected at birth and then separated both in the flesh and in the spirit.

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  1. Patrick Zonn

    Great anthology showcasing the women of horror!

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