Lovelorn by Jon Athan

Lovelorn by Jon Athan

Lovelorn: unhappy because of unrequited love.

Micah Watson is lonely. He spends his days writing books, delivering pizza, and searching for love. When he meets Mackenzie McKee at a diner, he instantly falls in love with her. He molds himself into the perfect man for her. But she rejects him—again and again. Tired of the pain and loneliness, Micah finds comfort in an online community full of misogynists…

On the internet, surrounded by anonymous provocateurs, Micah is transformed into a hateful, sadistic misogynist. And he plans on exacting his revenge on everyone who ever hurt him.

Jon Athan, the author behind Lovesick and Maneater, dives into the disturbed mind of a lovelorn man in this extreme horror story about loneliness and rejection, entitlement and vengeance, and love and hatred.

WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

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