Leaders of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology

Since the dawn of time, across almost every culture, there have been legends of shapeshifters.
Men who turn into beasts and prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.
Of the shapeshifter tales, none invokes as much terror as the legend of the werewolf.

The stories of men who become wolves persisted through the centuries from campfire folk tales to the modern age, where we are still thrilled and horrified by tales of bloodthirsty predators in our midst.

Twelve of the most successful authors of werewolf fiction in the 21st Century have returned to their worlds and characters, to bring you a truly blood-soaked collection of werewolf horror.

  • Jeff Strand: Ivan’s Night Out – A Wolf Hunt Prequel
  • Ray Garton: Outside of Nowhere
  • David Wellington: Hunters Moon
  • Jonathan Janz: The Kiss of Divna Antonov
  • Glenn Rolfe: The Dead Brother Situation
  • Graeme Reynolds: Blood Relations – A High Moor Story
  • Paul Kane: Lifeline
  • Thomas Emson: The Hunt
  • David Watkins: The Original
  • T W Piperbrook: The Great Storm
  • Nick Stead: Hybrid: Bloodlines
  • Matt Serafini: Evernight Circle

The IndieMuse Review

As a long time reader of horror fiction I’ve had my share of the three archetypes of the horror genre: vampires, zombies and werewolves. So much so that, in the last years, I’ve been trying to avoid books featuring those characters. But, after such a long hiatus, I could not resist the temptation to read the Horrific Tales anthology fully devoted to tales about lycanthropy, a subject recently a bit neglected. Thus, here we are with a dozen brand new stories about werewolves, most of which are actually very good.

“The Dead Brother Situation” by Glenn Rolfe is a tense piece of graphic horror depicting the violent fury of a man changing into a wolf after being discovered as a trespasser in a lonely cabin in the woods, while “The Original” by David Watkins is a nice a werewolf story full of twists and surprises set at the times of the Roman Empire.

TW Piperbrook contributes “The Great Storm,” a prequel to his Outage series. I’m not familiar with his previous work, but this promising tale speaks well for the other books in the series.

Thomas Emson’s “The Hunt” is divided in two parts. The one taking place in the present is excellent, whereas the one set at the time of ancient Romans is, in my opinion, rather redundant.

Graeme Reynolds pens “Blood Relations,” an engrossing novelette taking the reader from the UK to Prague, featuring a teenager who will discover many truths about her condition and the werewolf communities.

In the vivid “Evernight Circles” by Matt Serafini, we are made aware of the weird events taking place in a secluded, new residential area inhabited by disreputable tenants.

Paul Kane in “Lifeline” tells the story of a woman with a troubled life (described in the masterful perceptive first part) who finally realizes her true nature (as shown in the frenetic, violent second part, including not quite convincing explanations).

Other contributors are: David Wellington, Jonathan Janz, Ray Garton, Nick Stead and Jeff Strand.

On the whole the book is an effective addition to the Werewolf saga.


Mario Guslandi was born in Milan (Italy), where he currently lives. A long time fan of dark fiction, he’s probably the only Italian who reviews horror and supernatural tales in English. Over the years his reviews have appeared in many genre sites such as Horrorworld, The British Fantasy Society, Hellnotes, The Agony Column, Thirteen o’ Clock, Emerald City, SF Revu etc.

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  1. Tyson Blackwater  

    Fabulous read. Do not miss this one, it is one of the authors best.

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  2. Ariana Stancill  

    Very much enjoyed it. Great flow and I could not put the book down!

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