Inheriting Her Ghosts

Inheriting Her Ghosts by S. H. Cooper

Inheritance often comes with strings attached, but rarely are they as tangled as those hanging over High Hearth.

When Eudora Fellowes learns she’s the sole heir of her estranged great-aunt’s seaside manor, she believes it will be the peaceful escape she’s longed for. What awaits, however, is a dark legacy shrouded in half a century of secrets, and it doesn’t take long before Eudora realizes she’s not the only one to call High Hearth home.

The IndieMuse Review

This is a Gothic horror, with sweeping mansions and family secrets, but it also falls into cozy horror, a newly created sub-genre from Twitter. Cozy is not that different from its mother Gothic, except animals companions are a crucial addition, which we have here in the protective forms of Cerberus and Black Shuck. Also I feel that the violence stays within a certain containment, so those that may have a squeamishness to gore can safely read without fear of being overwhelmed past their comfort level. While still being scared, that too is vital. The MC, Eudora Fellowes, embodies the type of woman that I would wish to be if I were born in her era, though truthfully the chances would be slim to none. A freethinker, not afraid to shirk tradition for the lifestyle she craved, no nonsense attitude and had a large library. It doesn’t hurt that she was born into a certain wealth level, but a girl can dream, right? The way she did not flinch from the idea of a haunted home, but dived into dealing with it, that is my kindred spirit fictional character right there!

As the story progresses, the title’s brilliance really shines. I had lived in my great grandmothers home passed down to me after sitting closed up for eight years. It was an active haunted house, but not by anything I recognized as a family member. This title, after reading this novella, hit me between the eyes like a ton of bricks. What if the things I, and friends, had seen in that house, were things I had inherited from my great grandma, her ghosts? I love it when something I read connects to me in unexpected ways.

Grief, loss and the way one handles it, the way it can change you over time, these are all good vehicles for one to relay horror. I think that they have been a part of the genre since its birth. Emmeline walks a troubled path; sometimes I felt very sympathetic to her pain, other times repugnant to the extremes she went to for satisfaction. At some point you could argue justice was served, but going beyond that was criminal; and that is being overly generous. The ending hit me with a complexity of emotion that surprised me. The strength of character surpasses anything I am capable of, I am sure of that.


Reading is my happy place and I want to share it with others; reviewing grew from basic tweets about books I enjoyed. I couldn’t be happier for how that turned out, book Twitter and the horror community have some of the nicest people. Dark fiction is where I find myself most of the time, but I enjoy almost any type of book if it catches my eye. I’m not really sure what this will turn into long term, but helping spread the word on an author’s book is the best feeling at the moment. Book nerd for life.

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Curator Notes: "With a strong, original storyline, Inheriting Her Ghosts is a novella that transcends the classic haunted house tale." —Emo-Lee

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