Go Down Hard

GO DOWN HARD by Ali Seay

What if a victimized woman decided to be a silent guardian angel for other women and turn the tables on predatory men? What if she stumbled into the hunting grounds of a cocky serial killer while looking for her own private murder den? What if a confident killer met his match in the form of a jean-clad, whiskey-swigging stranger in an hourglass-shaped package—and she made him want things—things he’s far too superior to want?

When predator meets predator, the only question is: Is the attraction they feel to bed one another…or kill one another?

Meg isn’t expecting to catch Jack red-handed with his most recent victim. Jack isn’t expecting Meg to come busting through his front door while chasing her current prey. Now that each recognizes a fellow killer, what urge will win—kiss or kill?

The IndieMuse Review

Have you ever wondered what a game of cat and mouse would be like if there were no mouse? Just two cats. Two cats with an arsenal of baseball bats, bear mace and a variety of gardening tools at their disposal. Thanks to Ali Seay, we need wonder no longer!

Meg is a fighter. Protector of women who have been wronged by men. Spurred into action by a traumatic event from her past, she now takes great pleasure in hunting down men who have gotten away with terrible deeds and making them pay the price for their actions.

Jack is a psychopath. He likes to hurt women. To hear them scream. He lives alone in a remote home with a cage in the basement and an assault course of death in his garden. He likes to chase his prey, relishes their fear, feel the rush of being a hunter.

Both are predators. When a chance encounter begins in violence they immediately see each other for the killers that they are and the attraction is instantaneous and all-consuming. The question then becomes: will their common ground be enough to see where the budding relationship is headed, or are they destined to give in to their baser natures and ensure they are the ones that become the hunter and not the hunted?

Go Down Hard splits its time equally between the two leads, each chapter focusing on one before switching to the other. The pair make for an interesting couple to center a story on. One is consumed by rage caused by past events and the other simply acting on impulses and desires that they have always had. The nature versus nurture separation of the two makes a fascinating contrast whilst the actions of both characters, and the pleasure they both derive from what they do connects them.

Neither Meg nor Jack are particularly sympathetic leads and Seay walks a fine balance between offering explanations for their actions while avoiding justifying or condoning them. Both are great characters to base a story around however as their actions are so impulsive and their thought processes are so alien that the book is wildly unpredictable as a result.

The action itself mirrors the characters, in that sometimes a shocking set piece will come seemingly out of nowhere whereas other times, a scene will build-up, only to take an unexpected left turn into another direction. Some scenes are brutal, sometimes satisfyingly so, but equally, there are some difficult to read passages that are not for the fainthearted.

Switching easily between grindhouse-like exploitation splatter and a deep dive into the minds of two unpleasantly compelling characters, Go Down Hard was a thrilling ride, able to entertain, appall, and distress you in an instant. It is a tightly paced, unputdownable page-turner with two great characters to anchor the action. I’m truly excited to see what Ali Seay follows this up with.


Richard started reading horror books at a young age, starting with R L Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Point Horror’ series. He traumatised himself at the age of twelve when he read Stephen King’s ‘IT’, and never looked back. He is currently based in the UK, where he lives with his partner, and an inappropriate amount of books.

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  1. Tiffiny Tallent  

    I really enjoyed it. Every time I had to put the book down, I looked forward to picking it up again and getting back into the story. I recommend.

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  2. Rebecca Oliver  

    I could not put this book down and ended up reading it in one sitting!

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