Fuck, Marry, Kill

Fuck, Marry, Kill by Jeff Wood

A post-apocalyptic love story.

He met her in a bar in New York City the night before the Lockdown hit.

Outside the bar the downtown streets brayed with energy. Those who walked out there did so as a self-selecting crowd, willing to break curfew, risk arrest, fall down drunk, get laid, catch the God-damned Monkey Flu and die, all in one fell apocalyptic swoop.

It was the night before the pandemic closed down an unflinching pit bull of a city, with shelter-in-place orders two weeks old, and much stricter orders set to go into effect at 6 a.m. The bars closed at 4 a.m. in Manhattan. It felt like a sign to him, to her, to everyone who took their life in their hands to venture out into the dark and a reckless final night of freedom.

The IndieMuse Review

This story caught my eye coming through the Amazon feeds and behold…it was by an IndieMuse recommended author, Jeff Wood. After reading the IndieMuse review of Veronica Scissors, my interest peaked.

Fuck, Marry, Kill is what we refer to as a Single. Wood released this new 13-page short story direct to Kindle (much like Veronica Scissors) and these make for a quick read and being available through Kindle Unlimited makes it a just-before-my-bedtime read. It was marketed as a post-apocalyptic love story / science fiction. There was nothing really horror about it (except perhaps a glance at the looming sickness beyond their window), but it was dark nevertheless. It shimmied closely to our current pandemic, which made it hit or miss for me. When living the past year in what seemed to many like post-apocalypse lifestyles, I was afraid this was too soon and too close to home to be enjoyed.

But this story did tread into a fantastic idea of two strangers meeting, hooking up at a bar and spending the rest of their lives together, due to the world shutting down.

The Fuck-Marry-Kill part was based on the game played where someone gives a person the names of three people (usually celebrities) and the person would have to categorize them…which one they wanted to fuck…which one to marry…and who to kill.

I’ve admittedly never played this game myself, but after reading Fuck, Marry, Kill, I added two more of Wood’s short releases to play the game with his stories, including the previously mentioned Veronica Scissors and an old flash fiction release called Feral. Putting these to the test, within the game and its parameters, here are the results:

  • FUCK: Veronica Scissors (this was a good story I’d gladly have a one-night stand with and invite back for another rendezvous).
  • MARRY: Feral (the combination of the flash fiction and variety of quality content is something I could live with for many many years.
  • KILL: Fuck, Marry, Kill (three noticeable typos in thirteen pages and a story that didn’t really quite seem complete, or maybe even rushed for release).

And what the f*ck is with censoring the title on the cover when the Amazon listing itself spells it all out?


Kendra is a professional book blogger and now works full-time for IndieMuse. She has worked for several publishing companies over the years, on staff as a copy editor and assistant editor.  She used to spend her days in a boring 9-5 cubicle and her nights in her comfy pjs and herbal tea as she devours her favorite reads. Now she does the latter more frequently. 😉


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