Brewtality: Extreme Horror Anthology

Some call it courage in a bottle while others perceive it as the devil’s cocktail. Alcohol comes in all types, bringing along with it the temptation of sin, the eagerness of confusion and the psychological bombardment on the mind forcing us to play a game between life and death.

15 authors dive deep in the subconscious where the demons swim, blinding our judgment and guiding us to make horrific decisions.


  • Dustin LaValley & Edward Lee
  • Jeff Strand
  • Ryan Harding
  • Gerard Houarner
  • Armand Rosamilia
  • Christine Morgan
  • Jeremy Thompson
  • Stephen Kozeniewski
  • John Wayne Comunale
  • Robert Essig
  • Dev Jarrett
  • C.M. Saunders
  • Rachel Nussbaum
  • Bob Macumber

The IndieMuse Review

An Alcohol Infused Extreme Horror Anthology

Author K. Trap Jones has brought together some of the biggest current and up and coming names in extreme horror and delivered fifteen brand new tales of horror at its worst, including;

  • A group of friends who discover an event from their past may have blessed them with immortality
  • A party invitation that turns sinister when a group of friends find out that, while the drinks may be free, admission comes at a heavy price
  • A Vikings quest for a legendary drinking horn that can never be emptied that takes a dark turn when he discovers even his thirst has its limits
  • A celebration which turns to bloodshed and mayhem when the cost of one man’s promotion becomes more than anyone should have to pay.
  • A man’s hunt for his missing wife may mean reliving past events he thought long-buried
  • An aging hardman who is given a second chance at life, but will he be able to correct his past mistakes, or is he doomed to repeat them?

While all the big names in extreme horror are present and accounted for (Edward Lee, Ryan Harding, Christine Morgan and Gerard Houarner to name but a few), it was the relative newcomers that impressed most in this collection. The book starts out strong with Rachel Nussbaum’s “Whiskey to the Wound,” a uniquely depraved tale of immortality and wraps up with one of the books most memorable stories (John Wayne Comunale’s “You Know Who You Sound Like”) which features Johnny Depp and a suit of human skin, in a blackly comedic story you won’t soon forget. Brewtality is strong evidence that the future of the genre is in very capable hands.

I also enjoyed the stories where authors took the opportunity to revisit some of their existing works. Gerard Houarner’s contribution features a story set in his infamous Painfreak (the aptly titled “Mister Fuckit”) and Stephen Kozeniewski gives us a welcome short set in the world of his novel Braineater Jones with “Braineaters in the Mist.” Fans of either author will want to pick up a copy for their contributions alone.

As is typically the case with anthologies, some stories land better than others and while all stories are entertaining, few feel truly standout. The best (“Choked Up,” by the always reliable Ryan Harding, which manages to simultaneously surprise and disgust in equal measure in a genuinely shocking story, and “Infinity Bottle” by Dev Jarrett, boasting easily the books most over the top visuals) manage the fine balance of a strong story with the requisite shock factor. Many stories, however, given the authors featured, are surprisingly tame. “Grower” by C.M Saunders and “Pink Passion” by Jeff Strand are both excellent, but seem out of place in an extreme horror anthology, and even Edward Lee’s contribution doesn’t pack the punch you expect from the man who has all but defined the genre in its modern form.

Fifteen talented authors, each with a brand new short, more than justifies picking up a copy of Brewtality and, while it doesn’t quite live up to its ‘Extreme’ billing with every short, each story delivers in terms of quality entertainment, and that’s not a claim a lot of anthologies are able to make.


Richard started reading horror books at a young age, starting with R L Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Point Horror’ series. He traumatised himself at the age of twelve when he read Stephen King’s ‘IT’, and never looked back. He is currently based in the UK, where he lives with his partner, and an inappropriate amount of books.

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  1. Corrina Petrus  

    Very much enjoyed it. Great flow and I could not put the book down!

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  2. Theola Muff  

    I absolutely loved this book! I’m looking forward to reading more from the author. Highly recommended!

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