Blurred by Peter Fugazzotto

Horror is in the eye of the beholder.

Beneath the veneer of our world, darkness roils, kept at bay by a thin veil. Murderers, evil, and tentacled beings loom in the shadows. Every once in a while that veil tears…

Phil Waterston, former Pulitzer Prize winner, has not taken a great photo in years. Unless you count shots of drunk celebrities and car crashes. So when he’s asked to shoot an elusive Latin American drug lord, he jumps at the chance to capture the first ever photo of El Diablo.

But capturing that photo will come with a price. And his quest will become a living nightmare as his crippling guilt about his dead wife and visions of a tentacled monster erode his sanity.

Will Phil shoot the elusive drug lord, or will his demons consume him? Buy Blurred today and be dragged into a terrifying vortex of cosmic horror.

The IndieMuse Review

Blurred by Peter Fugazzotto is a tale of two halves for me.

In the first half of this book, we’re headed for an easy 4 stars as the author really takes time to flesh out just how cowardly and despicable the main character of Phil Waterston is. But Phil is one of those characters that is set up nicely in this tale to actually pull his life out of the gutter and be a better person. In fact, readers can begin to hope for the change.

Phil is a former war photographer, now widowed, obsessed with a drive to capture the darker side through his photos. So much so that he abandons his wife on her deathbed, would rather film a person dying than save them and is just…well…a pretty pathetic human being. The plot centers around a job he takes trying to photograph a drug lord named El Diablo.

Fugazzotto has the potential to turn in a really good book here. But, thanks to the second half, this book doesn’t stay its course.

As I gave the first half a 4-star rating, the second half fell flat with a 1-star rating for me. It’s one of the many books I’ve read by independent authors lately that feel as if they just rushed through the latter half to complete a project. With continuity errors and weird scenes that do not get tied together properly, this became rather amateurish. Just to name a few: when entangled in a fight for their lives in El Diablo’s compound, a truck turns into a car (whoops). A vehicle rolls, explodes, leaks gas and then is used as either a getaway car/truck or, perhaps, conveniently there’s a similar truck nearby that has weapons and, even more conveniently, keys in the ignition. Yes, this was all more than just blurred.

Another blurred part is that in one point it is stated that Phil becomes a paparazzi after his war duty. But then it is commented that he hadn’t shot a picture since his wife’s death, coming back from the war. I must’ve missed the parallel universe threads here.

More unbelievable scenes, some stilted dialogue, and dang…my hopes for liking this book went south fast.

Blurred is a book that could have used a good editor to pull it all together, but that’s oftentimes sacrificed by independently published authors these days. Some authors wouldn’t be near as prolific if they had to face an editor’s red pen and re-write with each new book they complete. You know…pesky editors who take the fun out of the process for writers by clarifying and making stories more enjoyable for readers…yeah, those types!

With that being said, I just can’t turn my back on Peter Fugazzotto’s next book, as I have seen glimpses that he could be a top-notch author…if he is willing to do the dirty work of fine tuning his finished books.


Kendra is a professional book blogger and now works full-time for IndieMuse. She has worked for several publishing companies over the years, on staff as a copy editor and assistant editor.  She used to spend her days in a boring 9-5 cubicle and her nights in her comfy pjs and herbal tea as she devours her favorite reads. Now she does the latter more frequently. 😉

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