A Savage Breed

A Savage Breed (Splatter Western) by Patrick C. Harrison III

A ruthless band of outlaws makes good their escape from execution. A mountain man seeks justice following the grisly murders of his wife and daughter. A sharp-tongued teenager flees her newly widowed mother in search of adventure.

Amongst the eerie peaks and crevices of the Wichita Mountains, this assembly of pariahs converge. But it isn’t just each other they need be concerned about, because there’s more than frigid winds in the skies over Indian Country.

“A savage read! PC3 unleashes a vicious, blood-soaked novella of appalling monsters, both human and inhuman.”
–Ryan Harding, author of GENITAL GRINDER

(All Splatter Western books are stand-alone stories. Read them in whatever order you please!)

The IndieMuse Review

Another great entry in the Splatter Western series!

A Savage Breed, Book Six in the increasingly popular Splatter Western line from Death’s Head Press, has everything that fans have come to expect from the series. If you are expecting a fun, gory ride with bigger than life characters and even bigger monsters, with some hard fighting and fast shooting thrown in for good measure, this one will not disappoint.

Telling three different tales that intertwine at the book’s big finale, we are introduced to;

  • The Tate Gang—A ruthless group of outlaws who have narrowly escaped execution by murdering their captors and fleeing for their lives. Their reprieve may be short-lived as there is something far more dangerous than the law waiting out there on the plains for them.
  • James Haggard—After returning home to find his beloved wife and daughter brutally murdered, he vows to take vengeance on those he believes responsible. The west is a dangerous place however and the real question becomes whether he will live long enough to serve the justice he so desperately seeks.
  • Liz Sawyer—A fast-talking and fast shooting young woman no longer content with her dull life at home. The untimely death of her father gives her the excuse she craved to move on, toward a new life further afield. The journey may provide more excitement than she bargained for, and reaching her destination may no longer be on the cards.

Reviewing the Splatter Westerns, it is all too tempting to compare them to other books in the series and, considering the ridiculously high standard set by books like The Magpie Coffin and The Thirteenth Koyote, it is not a necessarily fair comparison. A Savage Breed may not quite reach the lofty heights of the best the Splatter Westerns have to offer, but it is a thoroughly entertaining ride that is firing on all cylinders where it counts.

You can’t talk about A Savage Breed without talking about Liz. There have been a lot of memorable characters in the series to date, but Liz may be the best of them. Never short of a pithy put-down or killer one-liner, she is brave, bold, boisterous and more than capable of taking care of herself when things get bloody. Any time spent with her throughout the book was an absolute joy and while the other characters are strong enough to carry a story, Liz is an absolute show-stealer.

The book’s antagonist is a particularly strong one too. I won’t spoil it here, as the book does an admirable job of keeping the surprise until well into the midway point, but they worked very effectively, being simultaneously scary, while also capable of delivering on the promise of Splatter that’s right there on the cover.

I honestly enjoyed everything about this book. The characters, the setting, the creatures, the splatter, all works spectacularly and combines everything at the end for a satisfying and big scale conclusion and while it may not quite reach the dizzying highs of the best of the Splatter Westerns, it doesn’t take a step wrong in delivering a fun and action-packed entry to the series.


Richard started reading horror books at a young age, starting with R L Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Point Horror’ series. He traumatised himself at the age of twelve when he read Stephen King’s ‘IT’, and never looked back. He is currently based in the UK, where he lives with his partner, and an inappropriate amount of books.


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