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Tylor James

Tylor James

Tylor James is a dark fiction writer living in the American Midwest. He’s a proud member of the Horror Writers Association, and has bizarre stories featured in such publications as: WEIRDSMITH: Issue OneHypnos MagazineThe Literary HatchetScare MeACCURSED: A Horror Anthology, and Emerging American Horror Writers: Midwest Region. “A Skeleton Reads Shakespeare”, one of his best short stories, was adapted into a dramatic narration by The Other Stories Podcast.

Matters Most Macabre, his second story collection, will be available in kindle/paperback April 2021. Meanwhile, readers can check out his debut book, Daydreams of the Damned: Tales of Horror & Oddity.

Having committed himself to writing one short story every week, Tylor keeps his head up and heart open for new ideas—like a ravenous monster, he is perpetually hungry for them. His penchant for dark fiction has its roots in watching old horror films from an early age, and from growing up in a haunted farmhouse in Wisconsin.

When not writing, you may find Tylor spending time with his fiancé and daughter, drinking gallons of black coffee, pulling a graveyard shift at a decrepit, shut-down cheese factory, stargazing, reading a good book, and/or performing as a singer-songwriter in Midwestern dive-bars. Additionally, he enjoys taking midnight strolls past the graveyard (however, he never whistles).

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