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Pug Grumble

PUG GRUMBLE may or may not be a pen name.

Pug went to school, learned things, and held many unfulfilling jobs (the best was at a maple syrup bottle factory).

One day, Pug started drawing a comic. That comic became Farlaine the Goblin (, an all-ages series about a wandering tree goblin shaman trying to find a forest of his own.

He then wrote a novel called Ouch, a comical and quirky love story between a masochist, a sadist, and a klutz. It’s dark, but funny.

Pug’s next comic is a hard science-fiction story about snack food. His next novel is going to be a murder mystery about t-shirts.

Pug dreams of living in Saratoga Springs on a pug farm, going on long dog walks, drinking a lot of coffee, eating delicious croissants, and writing and drawing the fun adventures of pug goblins and popcorn cowboys.

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