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Nick Lennon-Barrett

Nick Lennon-Barrett is originally from North West England. The writing bug was always there as a child, yet it wasn’t until he had an established career in HR that he finally did something about it. He found that the joy of working in HR is that you’re never short of character inspiration!

As a reader he’s an enthusiast of both crime and comedy fiction, so when he started writing his novels, he wanted to combine these two genres tackling topical issues in a whodunit style, yet with humour at the heart—we all need to laugh. This was the start of the DCI Fenton Murder Trilogy.

His new series is a dark comedy twist on Reality TV, think Big Brother meets the Hunger Games! This is his first series to have an LGBT lead character, something that is still lacking in commercial fiction. He also regularly publishes short stories on his website.

He currently lives in Essex with his husband and two cats, with a dream to one day retire to the sun and continuing to write more books.

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