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Jacob Steven Mohr

Improbably, NC native Jacob Steven Mohr has been losing himself in fantasy worlds of his own make since age 18. A crazed (and devilishly handsome) bard trapped in the body of a young Southern writer, Mohr has published 6 short stories and 3 novels thus far in the genres of horror, fantasy, and fabulism. He regards his stories as disobedient children and loves them all. The Unwelcome is his third book—and most defiant offspring to date.

Mohr currently resides and works out of Columbus, OH. When he isn’t writing (or rewriting…or re-rewriting…) he can be found at any of a dozen amusement parks, cooling his heels in line for the roller coasters—or curled up with a warm book and a cold beer. He’d like to thank his parents for indulging his creative side as a kid, and his friends for putting up with the dork he is.

…He’d also like to thank The Academy, but they won’t return his calls.

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