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Gavin Gardiner

Gavin Gardiner was born and raised in Scotland. Never having had the heart to leave, he currently resides in Glasgow with his ever-patient girlfriend and ever-demanding kitten.

His debut horror novel For Rye was followed by the novella The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe, as well as several short stories and a selection of non-fiction articles and analysis pieces on the genre.

He’s currently working on his second novel, Witchcraft on Rücken Ridge, and has grand plans for the future of his unique brand of horror. He very much hopes you’ll join him for the ride.

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“A Dying Moment” by Gavin Gardiner

He’d come to believe that however he did it would result in this final, stretched second. The pull of a trigger would warp into hours, the leap in front of a train would become a Hollywood slow-mo sequence, and the moment of the concrete’s ferocious arrival—as this woman was experiencing—would stick like a broken record.

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