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  • Cooking for Cannibals by Rich Leder

    Cooking for Cannibals is a dark comic thriller with a heaping helping of romance. If you like fast-paced plots, unconventional characters, and humor that crosses the line, then you’ll have a feast with Rich Leder’s wild ride.


  • ApocaOOPS by Paul E. Creasy

    Everything is all Doug’s fault. The Horn of Destiny is missing from the Seraphim Symphonic practice room and the Apocalypse is set to begin prematurely. God help us all!

  • The Tool & the Butterflies by Dmitry Lipskerov

    The Tool and the Butterflies, Lipskerov’s eagerly anticipated English language debut, is not just a darkly comedic exploration of post-Soviet attitudes towards gender and sexuality…

  • Pure Sacrilege by Patrick Kill

    The 6 stories collected in this book represent Patrick Kill’s signature irreverence in his shorter works. These dark and humorous fictional stabs at organized religion, particularly Christianity…


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