Top Horror Charts

The following charts are based on a review rating system turned in by each curator and staff reviewer. As all curators complete full reviews of each book, rankings will change from week-to-week.

Our final 10-top years best in each category will be made public on February 15th of each year.

Authors: please make sure you have an author profile submitted and be sure to send in your ARCs before publication to qualify! 


Updated weekly.

Horror Novels

Horror Short Reads

Horror Collections

Collection Guidelines

  • Author Submitted Profile >>>
  • ARC Submitted >>>
  • Single Author
  • 175 print pages or more
  • Original publication

Horror Singles

Singles Guidelines

  • Author Submitted Profile >>>
  • Kindle Unlimited Release or ARC Submitted >>>
  • 60 pages or less
  • Original publication
  • Published as standalone (can't be part of a collection or anthology)
  • Must be single story (short story, novelette or long fiction) under page count requirements 

Staff Picks

Richard Martin's Top Horror Books 2021

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