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  • The Creek by Rayne King

    Two teenagers find kindred spirits in each other when fate brings them together. However, Wiley soon discovers a darkness that Ruby harbors, a sadness that he becomes determined to extinguish. But is it already too late?

  • The Night Stockers by Kristopher Triana & Ryan Harding

    The Night Stockers is a gory horror comedy by Splatterpunk Award-Winning authors Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding, the men who brought you Full Brutal and Genital Grinder. Filled with bone-crushing carnage and the heaviest metal, this one promises customer satisfaction.

  • A Season of Loathsome Miracles by Max D. Stanton

    Max D. Stanton’s debut collection assembles thirteen short stories of gruesome horror, bleak ascensions, and gallows humor.

  • Eidolon Avenue: The Second Feast by Jonathan Winn

    One building. Five floors. Five doors per floor. Twenty-five nightmares feeding the hunger lurking between the bricks and waiting beneath the boards.

  • 13 Luckless Tales by Patrick Kill [4/13/21]

    Kill’s vividly weird imagination shines through, offering surreal and over-the-top bizarro accounts of characters and plots that make his works so unique.

  • Shadow of the Vulture by Regina Garza-Mitchell

    As Americans move west towards their manifest destiny, they disrupt lives, steal, and murder. What happens when that brutality clashes with witchcraft and the supernatural in the small town of Soledad?


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