Austrian Spencer

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Austrian Spencer

Austrian had an unfortunate trauma, aged 8, when a truck drove over him and his “Grifter” bike. This made him bedridden and a captive of books for too many years.

He is the “glass-half-full,” an eternal optimist and believes passionately in you. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing at this moment in your life.

Austrian urges you to read comics as he did. His influences include Alan Moore, Dave Sim, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, The family King, Iain M.Banks. Learn. Be inspired. He owes them everything, despite their beards.

The Sadeiest is Austrian’s debut novel, released by Darkstroke books in November 2020.

Austrian’s short-story “Krampus” is included in Burial Day Book’s Gothic Blue Book 6: A Krampus Carol, released October 2020.

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