We’re looking to add several independent book reviewers and curators to our staff. Dark fiction reviews are sought. If you love to read and like the idea of supporting quality independent authors and publishers, these positions might be to your liking.

These are fully remote positions.

Reviewers—We publish both print and video reviews. At this point in our startup, we’ll be working with independent book reviewers on a 3-6 month contract basis (with mutual extensions available). However, this is a non-paying job at least until 2022. The first official year of operations is to establish revenue sources and invest in getting readers to the site through advertising expenses.

Curators—We consider this the tip of the sword. Readers who serve as curators review new releases for quality standards, including cover, marketing, writing sample of book, and editorial and production values to weed out the poor offerings and to promote higher standards in book publishing. Curators also offer a guide to IndieMuse readers on quality new releases.

Due to the nature of our curation results being posted publicly for each title in 2021, we require curators to take on user names for anonymity, so that they can be fair in reviewing titles and not be sought out on social media or in groups that might influence their judgements.

What this means for interested book reviewers is this: take advantage of the exposure and readership. Get your reviews in front of a new audience. Help us support independent literature, its authors and publishers!

Syndication—Due to this position being a non-paying one, we have no issues with reviewers cross-posting your reviews. Whether it’s from your blog, other review sites (with permission) or YouTube.

As a staff independent book reviewer, you’ll report to the editor of each genre. You’ll submit your review (either directly to our site, or as a file attachment to your editor). We want to promote you as a prominent source of new content for our readers.

Curators will report to the head curator on a weekly basis, rating new releases. Generally, we have our curators look at anywhere between 4-8 new releases per week. These are quick reviews, not full reads.

If you want to establish your own review column through us or to help curate new releases, please begin by filling out the form below. You will be asked to include samples of your review. We do not require past experience, but will look at the most articulate, objective, efficient and informative review samples for potential staff members.

Thank you for your interest in IndieMuse!