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Wales: My Country and Its Influence On My Writing

25 May 2021

Wales, one of four small countries which make up the United Kingdom, is a land of contradiction and contrast. From the former coal...

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Dark Fiction Top Reads, May 2021 Update

15 May 2021

Here is a look at what books are currently topping our charts based on IndieMuse’s unique points system from reviews by both reviewers...

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Brian Asman

Interview With Brian Asman, Author of Nunchuck City

14 May 2021

Brian Asman is a writer, editor, producer and actor from San Diego, CA. He’s the author of I’m Not Even Supposed to Be...

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Cover Reveal: Pete Mesling’s THE WAGES OF CRIME

13 May 2021

From the author of Jagged Edges & Moving Parts and The Portable Nine comes an assortment of deadly plots and vindictive machinations. Venture...

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Recommended Dark Reads #8

13 May 2021

Our eighth installment of our recommended new dark fiction releases has been submitted by curators. Check out these books’ pages for our reviews...

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Multitasking: How To Write A Horror Novel While You’re Supposed To Be Working

21 Apr 2021

The idea for my first novel arrived exactly when you’d think it would, in an office safety meeting. Just outside of Pittsburgh, PA,...

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