IndieMuse’s Women In Horror Series February 2021

Women In Horror

Our first initiative as we officially open our virtual doors on 1/31/21 is to launch our first annual Women In Horror Series which will last the entire month of February. This series will feature book reviews and interviews by Kendra Hodges with some extremely talented ladies writing in the horror genre.

IndieMuse Women In Horror Series

Richard Martin, the project lead, will be reviewing a slew of new books by women authors and Kendra Hodges will be contributing some in-depth interviews with these ladies of the dark.

Here are just some of the authors we will be featuring (links to their IndieMuse pages included)…

More to explore…

“A Dying Moment” by Gavin Gardiner

He’d come to believe that however he did it would result in this final, stretched second. The pull of a trigger would warp into hours, the leap in front of a train would become a Hollywood slow-mo sequence, and the moment of the concrete’s ferocious arrival—as this woman was experiencing—would stick like a broken record.

This site is under construction and new ownership. We are currently closed to review copies. New content is expected soon. Meanwhile feel free to browse our past content! :)


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