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Recommended Horror Reads #11

Our horror curators have just released their 11th installment of their recommended reads. Each of these titles have been voted as quality...

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Many readers don’t realize that they are missing out on some of the best fiction in print and digital due to the stigma of self-publishing. While the independent literature scene makes up for quite a bit of lackluster and (let’s face it) utterly horrible books on the market, the freedom of independence given to authors oftentimes results in amazing literary releases.

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In October 2020, we began building hubs for three major genre fiction markets. Our Horror Hub went online January 1, 2021 and with readers’ support we’ll begin expanding into crime and humor as well as other genres.

Please bookmark this site for coverage on your future favorite authors and publishers as we bring you the latest in independent literature news, curating all new releases in independent crime, horror and humor.




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